What to wear camping with your boyfriend in 2023: Go cute or go home!

Our favorite tips for staying comfortable and looking your best!

What to wear camping with your boyfriend

Whether you and your boyfriend go camping together or separately — but still end up in the same forest — it’s important that you both look good.

If you’re going to be around each other all weekend, you might as well look cute, right?

While you don’t want to overdress for a night of roasting marshmallows under the stars, you also don’t want to be too underdressed for the occasion.

How do you know what to wear camping with your boyfriend? Read these tips on must-have clothing before hitting the trails!

What to wear camping with your boyfriend


what to wear when camping with boyfriend

It sounds silly but it’s true: camo print has officially crossed over from being just for hunters and is now a look for everyone.

Whether it’s a full-on camo skirt or a simple camo print shirt, this trend is always in style and works well for camping.

You can either pair your camo look with some hiking boots or throw on a pair of sneakers and rock those cute, printed pants all weekend long!


what should i wear to camp with my boyfriend

In addition to camo, boots are also a great look for camping.

Not only do they keep your feet dry and warm — which is important when you’re out in the middle of nowhere — but they’re comfortable and fashionable as well!

If it starts raining, no need to worry: just throw on your waterproof jacket and grab an umbrella. When the sun returns, ditch the poncho and throw your hair in a ponytail. With so many options for this look, it’s no wonder everyone loves camping in boots!

The Lumberjack Look

… is exactly what it sounds like: basically, anything you can find at a lumberjack store will work perfectly for your next trip to the great outdoors.

Think flannels, plaid, and denim; it’s the perfect combination of casual and cute. But make sure you don’t overdress and end up getting too hot! While out in nature, it never hurts to be a little underdressed.


While this might seem obvious or even silly to list, you’d be surprised how many people don’t think about their underwear when they’re packing for a trip.

Going camping always means you’re going to feel a little less hygienic than being at home, so it’s wise to take extra pairs of underwear.

As long as you’re comfortable — both physically and mentally — you’ll be good to go.

So, what clothes should a woman wear when camping with her boyfriend or husband? Camo print, boots, and the lumberjack look are always in style!

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