Weird camping gear you can buy on Amazon: 11 clever camping gadgets you’ll actually use in 2023

Weird camping gear that’s actually useful

Looking for an eclectic mix of weird camping gear you never knew you needed?

You’re in the right place.

Although we, personally, don’t think they’re TOO weird…but maybe that’s because we ARE weird.

We’d say cool is probably more fitting. Or clever. And maybe a little bit hipster.

In a hurry? Here’s our favorite weird camping gear items.

Leatherman Tread

A stylish, multitool bracelet

  • 29 tools in 1
  • unisex, adjustable design
  • 25 year warranty

Awoken Unisex Potty

No more midnight toilet runs

  • suitable for men, women and children
  • works in sitting and standing positions
  • sealable lid

BioLite Campstove 2

An electricity generating wood camp stove

  • wood fire generates electricity to charge USB devices
  •  boil 1 liter of water in 4.5 minutes
  • plenty of add on accessories

Weird camping gear you need to have in your arsenal

Portable Bidet

weird camping gear

A handheld portable bidet for personal toilet hygiene while camping

  • 180 degree adjustable nozzle
  • auto power off after 60 seconds or when water runs out
  • battery operated

Whether you have a bidet at home or not, nothing can beat the comfort and convenience of having a handheld bidet while camping.

There are plenty of moments during camping that make you feel less than clean, and one of them is using the toilet. Whether it’s toilets supplied by your campsite or going au natural, the experience is often less than ideal.

What do you do with the toilet roll when you’re out in the woods?

What do you do when the campground toilets aren’t particularly well “maintained”.

Worry no more.

With this battery-operated bidet you can be the cleanest member of camp!

It can be operated with warm or cold water depending on your preference and what you have available.

It’s also super lightweight, foldable, has a 180 degree nozzle and offers a high and low water pressure to suit your needs.

One quick word of advice, if you want a nice, strong stream of water, ensure you use good batteries that are fully charged.

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BioLite Campstove 2

An electricity generating wood camp stove

  • wood fire generates electricity to charge USB devices
  •  boil 1 liter of water in 4.5 minutes
  •  smart LED dashboard gives real time feedback

Less weird and more ingenious, the BioLite Campstove 2 captures waste heat from wood burning, and turns that into electricity to charge or power your USB devices.

With its added component such as the KettlePot, CoffeePress KettlePot attachment, or portable grill, you can cook meals, boil water and charge your electronics at the same time.

The BioLite Campstove 2 features an internal fan that creates up to 95% less smoke compared to a standard wood fire. The fan also means the wood burns hotter and quicker, ensuring you can cook or boil water in just a couple of minutes.

weird camping gear

The smart LED dashboard allows you to assess the strength of the fire, power output to your devices and control the fan speed.

One of the neatest features of the Campstove 2, particularly for backpackers, is its small size. Not only because it’s convenient to carry, but it means you don’t need to find or bring large pieces of wood to get it going. The small chamber allows for you to use small twigs, pinecones or anything else you can gather together from your surroundings.

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Camping Spice Jar Storage

Lightweight, compact & portable spice jar container

  • 3 x 4oz spice jars, 4 x 60oz spice containers, 1 x 5″ measuring spoon
  • storage bag dimensions: 7″H x 7″L x 6″W
  • great for spices, sauces, dressings, herbs, sugar, salt and pepper

Cooking while camping doesn’t have to mean no condiments. Try saying that 10 times quickly.

The jars are made from BPA-Free PP, and while they keep your spices and condiments nice and fresh, they are a little flimsy.

With that said however, if you tout yourself as a bit of a camp chef, you NEED to get this spice container set.

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GOSUN Go Solar Oven Portable Stove

A super lightweight & compact solar oven

  • cooks a meal in as little as 20 minutes
  • reaches temperatures up to 550°F (290°C) in full sunlight
  • can bake, roast, steam or boil
  • weight: 2lbs

The GoSun Go is the most portable solar oven/stove currently available in their lineup and is the perfect size for cooking a meal for one person.

It can cook most meals and boil water for dried food/hot drinks in 20-30 minutes and can hold up to 13.5oz of food or liquid.

This roughly equates to half a squash. While it doesn’t seem a lot, it is generally plenty enough for a full meal for one. Another thing to note is that the food comes out extremely tasty. It doesn’t become soggy or like mush, but instead is crisp and delicious.

While we’re not going to admit to understanding exactly how the technology works, GoSun state that it works by focusing sunlight onto the parabolic reflectors on the tube oven which in turn heats the cooking chamber.

One thing to note is that this isn’t solar powered in the sense that a battery charges while the product is in the sun. Instead, you have to use the oven while in the sun for it to work. It does not store energy for later use.

The GOSUN Go comes supplied with: durable evacuated glass tube oven, two parabolic reflectors, EVA frame, stainless steel cooking tray, GoSun Dial, silicone cooking pans, universal action mount, cleaning brush, user manual and a mini cookbook.

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LuminAID Solar Inflatable Lantern

A solar powered inflatable lantern

  • up to 24 hours of light when battery is fully charged
  • 100% waterproof & float on water
  • packs flat to 1″ thick
  • recharged via USB or solar

If you’re looking for an LED camping lantern that offers beautiful, atmospheric light and a whole host of other cool features, you don’t need to look any further than the LuminAID solar lantern.

The LuminAID lanterns are available with or without a USB port for charging external devices, but all are able to be charged via USB.

Despite its small size, and even smaller packed down size, this thing packs a punch when it comes to light. If you need bright light to find something in your tent or on the campsite, no problem. Want some mood lighting that isn’t too harsh? No problem.

The lantern features an LED battery indicator to easily see how much juice is left. And in terms of recharging – it takes approximately 10 hours when charged in sunlight or around 1-2 hours when charged via USB (cord included).

Other neat features include the snap on/off handle for hanging from a loop in your tent, or snapping onto your backpack to charge during the day while hiking or out and about.

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Awoken Unisex Potty

No more midnight toilet trips in the rain and cold

  • suitable for men, women and children
  • works in both standing and sitting positions
  • cap with rubber gasket for tight seal

Another toilet based gadget that will make your camping life way more comfortable and convenient.

If your campground doesn’t have toilets, or you just can’t be bothered to leave your tent in the middle of the night in pouring rain, you need the Awoken unisex potty.

And yep, ladies, a convenient toilet for both men and women!

It works great both in the sitting and standing positions, the funnel can be swizzled to suit your position and is easy to empty, clean and store.

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UDAP Bear Shock Fence

Less fun, more security

  • 3-5 weeks continuous battery life
  • creates a 27′ x 27′ enclosure
  • weight: 3.7lbs

UDAP are one of the leading manufacturers of bear defence equipment. From sprays, food cannisters to this bear electric shock fence.

If you’re going anywhere where bears may be around, an electric shock fence is one of the most effective and mind easing deterrents you can purchase.

This UDAP bear electric shock fence is the lightest option in their lineup, and is light enough to take backpacking, but big enough to enclose a decent sized campsite.

`With a 27′ x 27′ enclosure, you can fit roughly 2 or 3 2-person tents inside the enclosure.

The fence runs on 2 D-cell batteries (not included but can be found on Amazon here), and will offer continuous protection for up to 5 weeks with good-quality, fully-charged batteries.

If the enclosure area is too small, you can join 2 sets together to make a larger area, or if the enclosure is too large for a small backcountry camp area you can cut the wire down.

The fence can withstand a decent amount of rain and the battery box is sealed to protect the batteries from moisture.

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Ka-Bar Tactical Spork

2-in-1 multifunction camping spork

  • handle separates to remove knife
  • material: fiberglass-reinforced polyamide
  • made in the USA

The Ka-Bar tactical spork is a great tool to replace packing your entire cutlery drawer when you go camping.

The spork can be used as a spoon or fork as with a normal spork, but can be separated in half to reveal a serrated knife.

Despite being plastic, the knife is strong and sharp. In fact, it’s so strong it can actually be used as a self-defence tool if needed.

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B A S U eAlarm+ with Tripwire Hook

Great for personal use or as a camp tripwire alarm against thieves or animals

  • 130 dB Siren (as loud as an ambulance)
  • size: 3.4″ x 1.22″ x 0.51″
  • weight: less than 1oz

The BASU eAlarm+ is a must have for practically all campers. There isn’t really anyone that wont benefit from having one in their arsenal.

Besides its obvious benefits when used as a personal alarm, its tripwire capabilities set it at a whole new level.

Whether you want to make a perimeter around your tent to deter/scare thieves or animals or whether you want to secure an item outside your tent such as a kayak, you can do it easily with one or two eAlarms.

Taking the kayak as an example, you can tie one end of the alarm to your kayak and stake the other end to the ground. If someone tries to lift it, the alarm will trip.

We would recommend fishing wire as the material of choice for the tripwire to make it as discrete as possible.

The eAlarm comes supplied with everything you need minus the tripwire. But something like this fishing wire, or this paracord if you want something more easily noticeable (perfect if you’re only looking to deter animals) are super cheap on Amazon.

The included battery lasts up to 1 year and can be replaced with long-lasting Lithium metal CR1632 batteries.

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Leatherman Tread Bracelet

A stylish multitool bracelet. Yes, you heard that right.

  • fully customizable, unisex design
  • 29 tools
  • 25-year warranty
  •  TSA-compliant

The Leatherman Tread LT is a super stylish piece of jewelry that can be used in a multitude of sticky situations (or just because it’s fun).

The Tread LT is fully adjustable and customizable to fit your wrist and needs. You can take out links to reduce size and remove tools you wont use.

Some of the tools include: box wrenches, hex drives, flat and Phillips screwdrivers, Torx and Pozi drives, square drive, carbide glass breaker, sim card pick, cutting hook, socket drive adapter and bottle opener.

So if you’re around camp and need to open some food packaging, no problem. Need to crack open a beer? No problem. Need to fix your kids scooter? No problem. The list goes on and on…

The bracelet is also TSA-compliant so you can take it on airplanes with no worries.

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Easy Kabob Maker

Have fun around the campfire making your own kabobs or hotdogs

  • material: heavy-duty BPA-free plastic
  • easy and safe enough for kids to use
  • suitable for use with wooden or stainless-steel skewers

Nothing screams camping like a campfire BBQ. And why not add shish kabobs (or hotdogs, corndogs, gyro meat, and so much more) to your menu with this easy kabob maker?

Heavy-Duty, BPA-Free Plastic – Just like you we love to cook, grill, charbroil, and barbecue. That’s why our food-grade safe plastic is not only better for your meats, spices, and veggies it’s completely dishwasher safe for quick, easy cleanup.

The kabob maker is super simple to use. You simply insert a skewer into the top, put your meat in the bottom and press the parts together. Your kabob will then begin to come out of the top attached to your skewer!

While you’re unlikely to have a dishwasher while camping, the easy kabob maker is suitable for dishwasher use, so if you want to use it at home then you can wash it easily.

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