Tentsile Universe review 2023: the 5-person tree tent you can pitch ANYWHERE

We take a deep dive into the world’s first three-element tent


It’s not often in the camping world that a brand comes around and does something truly unique.

But Tentsile has set themselves apart from the very beginning, and the Tentsile Universe has just nudged them another step further ahead of the game.

The all-element tree tent will provide you with memories no other tent or accommodation could ever do.

With its ability to be pitched on land, air, or water and cater to up to 5-people at a time, it’s the only tent you’ll ever need for those fun-packed getaways with friends or family.

All tree tents bought via Tentsile.com come with –

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  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 3-year warranty

They also plant 20 trees for every tree tent that is sold. So if you need ANY excuse to buy a Universe, we don’t think there’s a better one than helping to save the planet!


Tentsile Universe

all-element 5-person tree tent

Ready to buy? Check out at Tentsile.com and get 10% off with our code – affiliate7RZBCT

Tentsile Universe review

On the ground

The Tentsile Universe offers you a tonne of different ways to camp and sleep. But if you just want simplicity you can have it.

If you don’t have access to trees or want to set up camp right by a body of water the Universe can be pitched like any other tent.

It’s designed to fit up to 5 adults when pitched this way and is actually a fairly comfortable fit for 5 people. The Universe can hold a massive 440kg/880lbs of weight in total.

The SUP base provides insulation from ground cold and damp, so you’re already one layer ahead of a standard tent.

If you add Tentsile’s Sky-pad’s or any other sleeping pad or mattress, you won’t feel like you’re sleeping on the ground.

In the air

tentsile universe review

Tentsile’s most well-known pitching method – hanging in the air between 3 tree’s remains the same with the Universe.

It comes supplied with a Trillium 3-person hammock that is hung underneath to support the Universe when suspended in the air.

The Universe is suitable for up to 3-people when suspended as opposed to 5 when it’s pitched on water or land.

It also features a reinforced floor which not only adds to its strength but creates separate sleeping bays for each person in the tent.

This is one of the main advantages of Tentsile’s tree tents over traditional hammocks.

The separate compartments ensure that you don’t roll into the middle of the tent or towards the heaviest person.

The 3-point anchor system also creates the perfect tension which gives you a rigid base to sleep on. So, you can be sure you’ll have the best sleep of your life after a day of fun.

On water

The Universe is great for those summer days that you just want to spend by the water.

Taken right from Tentsile’s mouth, the Universe is an “incredibly stable SUP-style Huckleberry Finn day-raft” that you access by “rolling back the vestibule doors and securing the rain fly to the poles in each corner, and removing the insect mesh.”

While the firm SUP base provides some added insulation when used in either ground or air mode, its main duty is to allow the tent to float on water.

This provides endless opportunities for fun, whether that be to use it as a sunbathing deck, a launchpad, or even for some fishing.

It’s important to note that the water feature of the Universe is for recreational purposes only, and shouldn’t be used to sleep on the water.


Tentsile Universe

all-element 5-person tree tent

Ready to buy? Check out at Tentsile.com and get 10% off with our code – affiliate7RZBCT

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