13 non-perishable food ideas for keto camping: including no-cook, snack & drink options

Camping on keto? No problem. Here’s a list of non-perishable foods for stress-free camping

We’re not here to bring you time-consuming keto camping recipes. No. We’re here to help you pick what food to take camping on a keto diet so you can cut out the worry of what you’re going to eat, and enjoy the great outdoors instead.

Staying in ketosis while camping may seem like an impossible feat, but with just a few of the staples below it will be a breeze, and you won’t be missing those campfire marshmallows either!

The list is comprised entirely of non-perishable foods, so don’t worry if you don’t have a cooler, or are backpacking and can’t carry a large cooler around. We’ve also made sure to feature plenty of no-cook keto meals, snacks and drink options, so every possible camping situation is covered.

13 non-perishable keto camping foods

1. Next Mile Meals

Next Mile Meals Keto Camping and Backpacking meals

So if you have access to cooking equipment, Next Mile Meals is definitely the easiest way to go to enjoy warm, tasty keto camping meals every day of your trip.

2. Nut butter sachets

best keto foods for camping

Nut butter is a perfect companion on any keto camping trip. It’s easy to store, lightweight (particularly the sachet versions) and is very calorie-dense. 

3. Quest protein bars

best keto foods for camping

While there are some protein bars out there with a lower carb count, the reason Quest bars have gained such a strong foothold in the keto community is due to their HUGE flavor selection (31 at time of writing) and great taste. 

If you’re struggling to pick a flavor, our favorite flavors are Birthday Cake, Cookies and Creme and Rocky Road.

4. Quest protein powder

quest protein powder keto camping

It’s a perfect product to take with you if you are doing a lot of hiking as you can take some in your bag with you and simply mix with water on your route. It’s also perfect as a backup in case you run out of food while on your trip.

5. Canned/packet food

Canned meats and fish, such as tuna and chicken, are a perfect starting point to make a meal (cooked or uncooked). 

For a no-cook option, you can make tortillas or pitas (using low-carb pitas or low-carb tortillas) with chicken or tuna and a sachet of mayo. 

There are also sachets/packets of chicken and tuna instead of cans if weight and space in your backpack are an issue.

6. Beef Jerky

beef jerky keto camping

Beef jerky is a super tasty non-perishable keto food to take camping with you. It’s high in protein and low in carbs. However, it’s often made from lean cuts of beef so is usually not high in fats you need when on a keto diet. As such, it makes a perfect pairing with other high-fat foods such as cheese (Babybel works well if you have no refrigeration and so does cream cheese if eaten relatively quickly) or nuts. 

7. Pepperoni

Pepperoni and salami are another excellent meat addition to make up a meal. Pepperoni and salami are high in healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, have a decent amount of protein and a negligible amount of carbs. If bought in vacuum packed wrappers, they can last in hot weather and out of refrigeration exceptionally well. 

8. Beans

Lupine beans for keto camping

9. Keto instant coffee

keto camping coffee

10. Sparkling Ice

sparkling ice keto camping

11. Nuts

keto camping snacks

Nuts are a great no-cook snack that are high in protein and fats. Any nuts are suitable really, but peanuts are super fatty so make a great choice, pistachios are also great to curb hunger pangs if you buy them in their shells. The deshelling provides you with something to do while slowing down your eating, making it an enjoyable, time-consuming snack.

12. Hot dogs and bratwurst

hot dogs keto camping

Tinned or vacuum-packed hot dogs are another great snack or meal component while camping. 

You can either snack on them individually, eat them cold as part of a meal with low-carb pittas or cheeses, or grill them over a campfire or stove to warm your belly. 

13. Whisps Keto Crisps

Make a list, grab your stuff from the grocery store and look forward to a stress-free camping trip full of yummy food and blissful ketosis.

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