Halloween camping: 9 spooky ideas to create the ultimate scare experience in 2023

Spooky halloween camping ideas


Do you love camping and Halloween?

We’ve got 9 spooky (but fun!) ideas for your next camping trip.

From scary stories to ghoulish games, these ways to celebrate this year’s favorite holiday will make your trip a blast.

Get ready for some serious camp-tivities with the ghouls and goblins of our world.

Don’t forget to pack your costumes!

9 Halloween camping ideas

1. Spooky games


Alcoholic or none alcoholic apple bobbing, Halloween themed games, Halloween card games or if you’re hardcore enough – a ouija board are all great ways to enjoy Halloween while camping.

2. Halloween movies


Halloween movies are always a great idea.

You can watch them around the campfire or in your tent.

Just make sure you have speakers/a projector if you’re playing Halloween movies outside!

3. Halloween boat ride or lake party


If there is a lake nearby, take some Halloween-themed swag and go for a Halloween boat ride.

Just watch out for Jason’s mother appearing out of the water from behind your boat!

4. Halloween hiking


Halloween-themed hikes are always really fun and if you hike through some secluded or wooded areas in the dark, nothing else is needed for a spooky experience!

5. Halloween candy, of course!


If you’re not trick or treating at home, then you need to bring the Halloween candy to you!

It’s also an amazing idea to take the pumpkin-shaped candy suckers and put them on your Halloween-themed food.

6. Dress your camping spot with Halloween decorations


Make sure there are plenty of spider webs around the campsite, put up eerie lights in trees, or bury old toys in dirt piles.

Or take it one step spookier and dress it with a scary movie theme such as Blair Witch Project, or create ghosts out of blankets and hang them around camp.

7. Face painting

halloween face painting

Halloween face painting is fun too!

You can do it before or after a hike, around the campfire or Halloween boat ride.

8. Ghost stories


Halloween camping is an amazing opportunity for Halloween ghost stories!

Gather everyone around the fire with blankets and chairs and tell them scary tales until their hair stands on end!

9. Pumpking carving


Pumpkin carving is a fun way to enjoy Halloween while camping.

There are also lots of ways to make the experience more theatrical such as featured in the image above!

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