Do black tents exist in 2023? [+ 2 black tent options and alternatives]

Find out if black tents are an actual thing

do black tents exist?

This is a common question many people ask when they come to purchase a black tent and see a lack of options.

Because black is the color of darkness and night, some people find them perfect for camping since it promotes invisibility in the dark.

Tents that are black in color are also more difficult to see in bright sunlight.

Obviously, for the reasons outlined above, most people don’t want a black tent as they are much more difficult to locate in both daylight and darkness.

That’s why you’ll find most tents are actually brightly colored – for easy location.

Tents made to blend in, or be almost camouflage are often normally dark green or brown in nature, but rarely black.

So, do black tents exist? Yes. Black camping tents can be purchased online and offline at stores that sell camping supplies. But they are extremely limited.

There are a couple of options on the market, but they do mostly have some other color on them.

2 best black tents

1. WhiteHills Ultralight Black Tent

WhiteHills Ultralight Backpacking Black Tent

The WhiteHills ultralight backpacking tent in black is one of the only truly black tents you’ll find on the market.

Designed for two people, but realistically more comfortable for one, it’s perfect if you are looking for a black tent to take hunting, hiking, or into the backcountry.

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2. I IHAYNER camping tent

I IHAYNER camping tent

The I IHAYNER black camping tent is another small, primarily one-person tent.

Though similar to the WhiteHills, it can actually fit 2-people, you’ll just be snug.

The tent can even be fixed to a camping bed if used as a 1-person tent to keep you off the ground from cold, insects, and reptiles at night.

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Why black is not a good color for a tent…

A black tent may not be a good choice for outdoor or camping use. Why? Here are several reasons:

– you will likely have trouble finding the black tent in a hurry when you need to get out of it during an emergency, such as bad weather conditions. This is especially true during daylight hours.

– black tents gather heat more than pale-colored tents do.

– black tents are difficult to keep clean, as black attracts dirt and mud

– black tents will absorb heat more readily on sunny days. This means you could potentially get extremely hot inside the black tent, even with all zippers closed (these normally provide some ventilation).

Alternatives to Black Tents

You should generally try to avoid black tents if possible. If you are looking for a black tent, you will be limited in your options. If black is too limiting, there are other possibilities.

– You can get black or dark green tarps that can easily be made into any shape using available ropes and pegs/stakes.- If you want black, but are concerned that black could be dangerous during camping activities, choose a dark green or black tarp.

– Look for black outdoor wall tents online. These can serve as an outer shell to a differently colored tent.

Some black tents you can get are very specialized, such as black lightweight emergency or survival tents that have reflective coatings for high visibility in the dark

Also, black bivy sacks are regularly available, but these types of black tents will not be extremely useful for most people who are looking for black tents to use during regular camping trips.

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