Tentsile tent review & guide for 2023: which one is best?

Our roundup of the best Tentsile tree tents

With their quirky design and unique set up, Tentsile have really taken the camping world by storm with their line up of tree tents.

So we had to do a Tentsile tent review and guide to help you choose which one is right for you.

Tentsile tree tents offer the best of both worlds between tent camping and hammock camping. They provide the comfort of a tent with the unbeatable freedom of a hammock.

All tents bought via Tentsile.com come with –

  • 10% off your first order
  • 30-day money back gaurantee
  • Free USA and EU shipping
  • 3-year warranty

On top of their generous customer support, they also plant 20 trees for every tree tent that is sold.

So if you need an excuse to buy one, you couldn’t find a better one than helping out the planet!

Every Tentsile tree tent comes supplied with everything you need to set up and your package will look a little something like this (quantities and some components vary depending on style) –

Tentsile tree tent review

In a hurry? Here’s our top 3 picks for the best Tentsile tent.

Tentsile Una

Best for solo campers and backpacking

The Tentsile Una is a small and compact bivy style tree tent that is perfect if weight and size are your main concern.

Tentsile Flite

Best for two people

The Tentsile Flite is a spacious option with two separate sleeping compartments that can be adjusted to one large sleeping area if you are going solo. It features two doors plus a hatch underneath to enter or exit from below.

Tentsile Stingray

Best for three people

Tentsile’s flagship tree tent, the Stingray is large, roomy and has three separate sleeping compartments to ensure a comfortable nights sleep for everyone.

4 best Tentsile tent reviews

Tentsile Una

Tentsile Una tent review

Best Tentsile tree tent for 1-person and backpacking

  • suitable for 1-person
  • weight: 4.38lbs
  • capacity: 264lbs

The Tentsile Una is the perfect “bivy in the sky” for solo backpackers.

If you’re looking for a more comfortable alternative to a hammock but still want something lightweight and easy to set up, the Una will tick all of your boxes.

Unlike traditional hammocks, the Una tree tent offers a firmer sleeping area, preventing you from sagging and getting rolled up.

While all tree tents have a bit of a learning curve when it comes to set up, the Una is quick and easy to set up.

Once you’ve picked your location you can easily have it fully set up within 10 minutes.

The ratchets supplied with the Una are extremely long, so finding a set up with three trees that are suitable isn’t difficult.

The rainfly has a hydrostatic head rating (it’s waterproofness, basically) of 2500mm, which is adequate for most rainfall, but not necessarily serious storms or flash floods.

It features two interior storage pockets on either side to store small valuables.

Tentsile Connect

Tentsile Connect review

Best 2-person Tentsile tent for car camping

  • suitable for up to two people
  • weight: 20.8lbs
  • capacity: 880lbs
  • separate sleeping bays

The Tentsile Connect is a much heavier alternative to the Flite, and in turn, can handle much more weight than the Flite.

It’s a great option if you want a tree tent for car camping where you want extra capacity for storing your belongings, but don’t need to be concerned about the weight.

The Connect name comes from the ability to “connect” three Connect’s together with the trilogy super bundle. This basically creates one large sprawling tree tent suitable for up to 6-people.

The floor of the tent is much firmer than that of a hammock, allowing for comfier sleeping, as well as a more liveable place to chill out and relax.

It’s firm enough to place something on the floor, such as a fan, and it wont fall over when you move around.

The Connect also has two separate, reinforced sleeping bays, which basically prevents you and your camping buddy from rolling into the middle of the tent and cramping each others style.

Despite its large size and heavier weight than some others, it’s ridiculously easy to set up. And just as easy to take down.

The Connect’s rain fly has a hydrostatic head rating of 5000mm, which is more than enough to handle the most extreme weather including torrential rain and strong winds.

The Connect comes supplied with everything you need to for set up, has two entry doors, two inner and two underfloor storage compartments, and can also be paired with multiple accessories to enhance your experience.

Tentsile Flite

Tentsile Flite review

Best Tentsile tent for 2-people or 1-person looking for more space

  • suitable for up to two people
  • weight: 8.4lbs
  • capacity: 485lbs

The Tentsile Flite is a super popular option for one person looking for more room than the Una offers or two people looking for a lightweight option.

It’s more than half the weight of the only other 2-person Tentsile option – the Connect.

While it’s not the most lightweight option to take backpacking, particularly if you’re going solo, the advantages it offers outweigh the additional weight if you can handle it.

It gives you the flexibility to camp anywhere, keeps you off the ground and away from critters, and provides comfort and shelter that no hammock has yet come close to achieving.

While the Connect was designed to be a true 2-person tent, the Flite was designed to be comfy and functional for one or two people.

The sleeping section consists of a double tensioned hammock with a dividing strap down the middle. This can be adjusted to create one or two hammock berths.

So if you do use the Flite for solo camping, you wont be stuck to using only one side for sleeping, and can, instead, comfortably starfish under the stars.

The Flite’s rain fly has a hydrostatic head of 5000mm, which basically equates to being able to handle the worst weather.

The tent features two doors for easy entry and exit for two people, a hatch in the floor to access the tent from below, plus three inner and three underfloor storage compartments.

Tentsile Stingray

Tentsile Stingray review

Best 3-person Tentsile tent

  • suitable for up to three people
  • weight: 24.4lbs
  • capacity: 880lbs

The Stingray is Tentsile’s flagship product and has had many iterations over the years, and gained even more fans.

As with all Tentsile multi-person tree tents, it features separate sleeping bays for three people.

The fantastic thing about the way Tentsile create these bays is that, not only does it prevent everyone from rolling into the centre and on top of each other like a hammock, but due to its tensioning, it can handle completely different weights (think grown man and young child) without affecting the dynamics of each persons bay.

Despite the beast that it is, the Stingray is extremely easy to set up, especially after your first try. It can be set up up within 20 minutes with only one person, though two people would be much easier and quicker.

The Stingray’s rain fly has a hydrostatic rating of 5000mm, which is well above the minimum requirement to handle driving rain and strong winds.

 The tent features three entry doors for easy access to each compartment, as well as a hatch on the floor of the tent to enter or exit the Stingray from below. Perfect for when it rains as the rain fly keeps you protected.

The Stingray also includes three underfloor storage nets and 3 internal corner storage pockets for storing all of your gear.

Recommended accessories

Tentsile Skypad

The Skypad is the perfect accessory to pair with any of the Tentsile tree tents (or any other tent or hammock for that matter). It is a thermally insulated, inflatable “cloud” to make your sleeping in the sky even warmer and even comfier.

They also come supplied with buttons to allow you to connect multiple Skypad’s together in a configuration that fits the larger Tentsile tents.

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