7 best tents for motorcycle camping in 2023

Our round up of the best tents for motorcycle camping and touring

best tents for motorcycle camping

Motorcycle touring can be one of the most freeing adventures of your life. The ability to ride endless freeways and scenic backroads, with the wind whipping past you as you travel and pulling over to set up camp for the night as the sun begins to set, provides a freedom you can’t experience any other way.

But motorcycle touring and adventure biking require a decent amount of planning; after all, you only have so much space on your motorbike, right? 

Some brands manufacture tents specifically for motorcycle touring, and these are obviously the best tents for motorcycle camping you can get. 

There are a couple of things to consider when choosing your tent, do you want something lightweight and compact that will take up minimal space, or do you want a tent that will allow you to sleep like a king AND store your motorbike inside, but take up more space on your motorcycle?

Well, that’s a choice only you can make, but we’ve picked out the best tents for both options to make your decision easier.

In a hurry? Here’s our top 3 picks for the best tents for motorcycle camping.

LoneRider MotoTent V2

Best tent with motorcycle storage

The MotoTent was made for motorcyclists, by motorcyclists. It features ample room to store your bike, is made from the best quality materials, and is super waterproof and windproof.

Harley Davidson dome tent

Best budget tent with motorcycle storage

Super large vestibule can fit two average sized motorcycles, donning Harley’s iconic orange color on the fly, you’ll be the envy of your motorcycle touring buddies when you pitch up with this.

Coleman instant tent

Best budget motorcycle camping tent

While the Coleman instant tent doesn’t offer anything special that is specific to motorcycle camping, it is a popular budget, quick up, quick down tent for motorcycle touring.

7 best tents for motorcycle camping

LoneRider MotoTent V2

LoneRider MotoTent V2

Made by motorcyclists, for motorcyclists

  • suitable for up to two people
  • removable inner tent to turn entire tent into a functional garage
  • tall enough to stand up in

The LoneRider MotoTent is made by motorcyclists, for motorcyclists. LoneRider has taken years of motorcycle touring experience and turned it into a tent.

Everything about the MotoTent is astounding.

Reported to be the lightest tent featuring a motorcycle canopy on the market today, the MotoTent weighs in at just 12lbs. 

It has high-end waterproof zippers and a crazy 10000mm hydrostatic rating for the fly and groundsheet. 

To put that into perspective, the folks over at ultralightgear state “…heavy rain and driving wind will create more pressure on the fabric and require a higher HH – around 2000mm. Anything above these figures and the tent will keep out water being pushed through by something physical, like a person leaning on it.”

So you can sleep safe and sound knowing that you won’t wake up to puddles in your tent after a rainstorm or the roof caved in after heavy winds. 

best tents for motorcyle camping

The MotoTent provides ideal space and height, particularly on long motorcycling camping tours. The sleeping area of the tent features a peak height of 6 foot 3 inches and two large doors, providing plenty of space to not only get in and out and move around but stand up comfortably too.

The gear vestibule is large enough to be used as a separate sleeping area, storage for all your gear or better yet, to protect your motorcycle from prying eyes and lousy weather.

Not only can you store your bike inside the vestibule, but the inner tent can also be detached, allowing you to use the interior as a large garage if you need to work on your motorbike. No more fixing up your motorcycle in wet and windy conditions, you can work comfortably from the inside of your tent, without making a mess of your sleeping area. 

As if this wasn’t already the dream tent, the number of little things LoneRider thought about when designing this tent sends it off to another planet. 

The tent comes with a high-quality groundsheet (something most high-end tents make you pay extra for) that fits perfectly under the inner tent and the shed to prevent rain and mud from being trampled around. 

It has a color-coded pole system to allow quick and easy set-up in any weather and light conditions, and even features reflective bands on the carry bag to add more visibility to you when you’re riding at night. 

It packs down to a TINY 24″ x 8″, which is insanely small for just how LARGE this tent is. 

Click here to purchase the Lone Rider MotoTent with free worldwide shipping

Harley Davidson Dome Tent with Motorcycle Storage

Harley Davidson Dome Tent with Motorcycle Storage

“You get to sleep with your bike! Dreams do come true.” – Harley Davidson

  • suitable for up to four people
  • super large bike storage garage for up to two average sized motorcycles

A tent made by Harley Davidson for motorcycle touring and bike storage, what more could you want? With Harley Davidson logos dotted around the tent and the rainfly donning their iconic bright orange, you’ll be the envy of your bike touring buddies. 

The bike storage shed on this tent is HUGE and can easily fit your motorcycle and the rest of your camping gear, or two average-sized motorcycles. With one motorcycle stored in the shed, there is tonnes of space to be able to do work on your bike without being cramped, though at 5 foot 5 inches peak height, you won’t have much room to stand. 

The frame uses shock-corded fiberglass, which, while being lighter than aluminum, isn’t as hardy. That being said, with its reinforced floor seams, double walls, and interior zipper storm flaps, it will more than stand up to some gnarly weather

It doesn’t come with a groundsheet, which is a must-have if you want to enhance the life of the tent while also keeping your vestibule area clean and dry. Harley Davidson doesn’t offer a dedicated groundsheet, so to cover underneath your tent and the vestibule area, you’d need two of these in size XXXL.

The inner tent can fit up to 4 people but would be much comfier for 2. Its peak head height in the living area is 4 foot 3 inches, so you won’t be able to stand without crouching over, but it does provide enough height to comfortably sit up in bed or quickly get changed without too much bother. 

The tent packs down to just 24″ x 10″ and weighs in at just over 12lbs. 

Check current price on Amazon

The North Face Wawona

The North Face Wawona

High end at a low price

  • suitable for up to six people
  • plenty of space to store an average-sized motorbike in the front vestibule
  • MASSIVE interior living area

The North Face tents are truly legendary. They create some of our favorite tents of all time. And despite their phenomenal quality and slick design, they are CHEAP.

While the Wawona 6 wasn’t specifically designed to hold a motorcycle, its front vestibule is large enough to store an average-sized motorbike. While the vestibule is spacious, its height measures roughly 5 foot 6 inches, so anyone taller will need to duck down a little. However, it is still ample height to kneel and work on your bike if you need to. 

The inner tent of the Wawona is MASSIVE. After all, it can handle up to 6 people. Though, as always, we would recommend 4 people instead of 6 for optimum comfort and space. 

The fantastic thing about the Wawona 6 is not only is it spacious enough to hold up to 6 people, but it’s also super tall. At its peak height, the interior sleeping area measures 6 foot 8 inches, while the rest of the interior is just over 6 foot, and the edges just under 6 foot. There aren’t many tents out there that can boast about being friendly towards a person over 6 feet. Most tents don’t even go there. 

North Face Wawona Carry Bag

Despite being a single-walled tent, it’s more weather resistant than many tents out there and can withstand torrential rain for days on end, extreme winds, and anything else mother nature wants to throw at it. Depending on just how much you love your motorcycle, on bad weather days, the vestibule can also be used as a cooking and eating area with enough space for two full-sized camp chairs and a table if you put the bike outside…

The Wawona 6 comes in a nice duffle bag that allows you to easily stuff your tent inside when it comes to packing it away, rather than having to play some torturous game of Tetris before you can head off home. 

Weighing 20lbs 15oz, it’s much heavier than other tents on this list, but it’s also much larger and roomier than most. Despite its extra weight, it does pack down to a nice size of 27″ x 10″. 

Check current price on Amazon

Vuz Moto Tent

Vuz Moto Tent

A super spacious, well-made motorcycle touring tent with bike storage

  • suitable for up to three people
  • space for one motorcycle in garage
  • tall enough to stand up in

The Vuz Moto Tent is the last tent on the list to feature a shed to store your motorcycle. At 12 feet in total length and four entryways, the Vuz Moto Tent is super spacious and easily accessed. Perfect if your knees aren’t what they used to be, or if you don’t like having to crawl around to get in and out of your tent. 

It provides a perfect balance between shed storage and interior living space. While there’s loads of space to park and tinker with your motorcycle, there’s also plenty of space to relax, sleep comfortably and stand up in the inner tent. At 5 foot 11 inches in height, the inner tent offers enough headspace for an average-sized person to stand up in fully, while if you’re taller, you will need to bend your neck a little. Still, not bad for most tents. 

In fact, for just how cheap this tent is, it’s a remarkably well made, durable, and spacious motorcycle touring tent. If easy manoeuvrability and plenty of space and height are your thing, this would be a better choice than the similar priced Harley Davidson tent. 

It packs down to a sweet 24″ x 10″ and weighs 13.7lbs.

Check current price on Amazon

Goose All-In-One Motorcycle Tent

Goose All-In-One Motorcycle Tent

A 1-person motorcycle tent built to last a lifetime

  • suitable for 1-person
  • all-in-one solution comes supplied with foam mattress and sleeping bag that all get rolled together with the tent
  • made from heavy-duty duck canvas

This has got to be our favorite one-person motorcycle tent ever to be invented. Just LOOK at it. It’s a thing of beauty.

Similar to LoneRider tents, the Goose motorcycle tent was designed for bikers, by bikers. And it shows. Not only within its design but its quality too.

If there’s one thing that makes motorcycle touring less fun, it’s the logistics of fitting everything you need on the back of your bike. And that’s where Goose has got you covered. 

The Goose All-In-One package consists of a heavy-duty canvas tent, a thick foam mattress, and a sleeping bag. And all of this gets wrapped up in a carry case. Yep, that’s right; your entire sleeping arrangements roll up into one neat bag. 

Goose All-in-one motorcycle tent in carry case

Being made of heavy-duty ripstop canvas, the Goose is super waterproof, breathable and, as stated by Wingman themselves “if treated right this tent will last you a lifetime”. The only downside to canvas (if you can even call it that), is that it’s a lot heavier than synthetic materials. Though with its extra weight comes extra durability.

It also has a couple of great features to make your motorcycle and belongings safer while on your trip. There are beaks on either end of the tent that feature hooks underneath to hang your helmet and keep it dry, safe and out of sight of passersby. It also features an extra-long canvas wing that can be attached to your motorcycle seat to not only keep your seat dry but provide shelter for your camping gear.

It packs down to 24″ x 13″ and weighs 22lbs. 

Check current price at wingmanoftheroad.com

Coleman Instant Tent

Coleman Instant Tent

Cheap and cheerful, quick up quick down tent

  • available in 4, 6 or 10-person capacity
  • setup and tear down in 60 seconds
  • plenty of interior space

While the Coleman instant tent doesn’t offer anything special that is specific to motorcycle camping, it is a great budget, quick up, quick down tent for touring.

With its preassembled pole system, the Coleman instant tent has a setup time of 60 seconds and with its expandable carry bag, can be disassembled in about the same time. Meaning you can set up and take down without a fuss, perfect for motorcycle touring where you are pitching and taking down every day. 

Being a cabin tent, it offers loads of room, but again, the 4-person tent would be more suited to 1 or 2 people for maximum comfort and space.

While it’s convenient to set up and takedown, it is let down by its weight and size. Weighing in at 18lbs and having a packed size of 36″ x 12″, it’s not a lightweight, compact tent by any stretch of the imagination. However, if you’re looking purely for convenience and something cheap, you won’t find anything better than this.

Check current price on Amazon

LoneRider ADV Tent

LoneRider ADV Tent

A compact dome tent with dedicated motorcycle touring features

  • suitable for up to two people
  • zipper hooks to prevent access from outside of the tent when you are inside
  • extra storage space for your riding gear plus loops to hang your wet riding gear inside your tent

The LoneRider ADV tent is an excellent tent for motorcycle campers who do not need a space to store their motorbike inside the tent. 

It’s spacious enough for 1 or 2 riders, plus all your gear. As with the MotoTent, the ADV is constructed from ALL premium grade materials. The rainfly is, again, waterproof coated up to a hydrostatic rating of 10000mm, the tent pegs and poles are made from air grade aluminum with military-grade guy lines, ensuring long-lasting durability as well as stability in extreme weather

LoneRider states the ADV is the only true 2-person biker tent, as all of its features have a motorbiker centric function. Some highlights of these features are an extra space for storage of all your riding gear including helmets, jackets and boots, zipper hooks to prevent access from outside the tent when you are inside – perfect for lady riders and ensuring your equipment is safe in the night, plus loops to hang your wet riding gear to allow them to air dry inside the tent. 

The tent includes an e-port to pass cables through if you are on a campsite with electricity and comes in 3 designs – plain, globetrotter and euro map. The Globetrotter and Euro Map tents feature graphics of a whole world map (globetrotter) or European map (Euro map). The map graphic tents come supplied with a LoneRider black marker pen to draw your itinerary on your tent, a super neat and thoughtful feature. 

Despite its features and spaciousness, the tent is super lightweight and compact. When packed into its carry bag, it measures just 16″ x 6″ and weighs 7.38lbs all in. 

Click here to purchase the LoneRider ADV tent with free worldwide shipping

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