Best tent with awning in 2023: 7 camping tents with awnings

Our roundup of the best tents with an awning for extra protection against rain and sun

best tent with awning

Tents with an awning are a great idea for camping in practically all weather.

They offer protection against rain, allowing you to cook outside of your tent without getting soaking wet.

They also offer protection from the sunshine and baking heat, allowing you to sit, cook or eat outside your tent in the comfort of the shade.

In a hurry? Here’s our top 3 picks for the best tent with awning.

Ozark Trail 11-person instant tent

Best tent with awning for large families

A large, 3-room family camping tent with a super HUGE awning supplied with awning poles.

Kazoo instant tent

Best tent with awning for small families or couples

Available in 4 or 6/8-person sizes, the Kazoo is perfect for couples and small families. The front awning is a nice size for a couple of people to sit.

NTK Omaha

Best budget tent with awning

A high-quality, spacious tent with large front awning and vestibule for a cheap price.

7 best tents with awning

Kazoo instant family tent

Kazoo instant family tent with awning

A great option for couples and small families

  • available in 4 or 6/8-person capacity
  • high-quality aluminum pole structure
  • supplied with awning poles
  • available in blue, green or yellow

The Kazoo instant tent is a great tent for small families and couples.

Not only does it feature the large front awning, but it also has a second door at the back of the tent to allow for easy entry and exit and optimum air flow on a hot day.

The awning is large enough for a couple of people to sit underneath in chairs comfortably without being bunched together.

The 6/8-person can just about fit two queen size air mattresses, though one queen mattress would be comfier and allow for plenty of room for storage and walking around.

The 4-person version can fit one queen size air mattress inside, with a decent amount of room to spare for walking around and getting in and out.

The 6/8-person tent is also tall enough for most people to stand up in at 6.08 feet tall at its peak.

The 4-person version however, is only 5.08 feet tall, still comfortable to sit inside and relax in, but likely not to stand up straight in.

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NTK Indy

NTK Indy tent with awning

A tent with a HUGE awning and vestibule area

  • available in 4/5 or 6-person capacity
  • large front awning/porch area
  • supplied with ground tarp for porch
  • supplied with awning poles

The NTK Indy offers a huge awning and vestibule area. It’s the most usable awning of any camping tent in bad weather.

The long extension means you have plenty of room to cook underneath the awning without being cramped or getting rained on.

The steel poles supplied to support the awning also ensure that it’s more stable than most awnings in windy conditions.

As with all NTK tents, the bathtub style flooring in the Indy is a huge upgrade to most standard floors.

It uses a thick, heavy-duty polyethylene with a silver coating for added protection against leaks and water seepage.

It also goes up the sides of the tent about 4 inches, ensuring no damp spots against your mattress or belongings stored near the sides of the tent.

Both sizes of the tent can fit one queen size air mattress inside with room to spare.

With a peak height of 4.7 feet, it wont be suitable to stand up in for most people. Though is high enough to comfortably sit up inside in bed or in a chair while chilling out.

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Ozark Trail 11-person 3-room instant cabin tent

Ozark Trail 11-person tent with awning

An extra large tent with awning for car camping and big families

  • suitable for up to eleven people
  • supplied with awning poles
  • suitable for three queen mattresses
  • available with green or orange trim

As you can probably imagine, the Ozark Trail 11-person cabin tent features a HUGE awning. Spanning the length of the tent, there is ample room to fit a camping table and a couple chairs underneath.

The tent features one large main room that can be divided into two rooms, plus a private room connected to the back of the tent.

The private room is a decent size and large enough to fit a queen size mattress in (just about), or be used as a play area for kids, or a storage area.

The tent can, in fact, fit a total of three queen sized air mattresses inside.

However, if you don’t need that much sleeping space then it allows for tonnes of room for storage, cupboards, shelves, cooking gear or an inflatable sofa.

It has a peak height of 6.3ft, allowing for most people to stand up comfortably throughout the entirety of the tent.

Despite its large size, it’s super easy to both set up and take down. Being an instant design featuring pre-attached poles, it takes less than 10-minutes to put up or tear down.

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OneTigris Backwoods Bungalow 2.0

OneTigris Backwoods Bungalow backpacking tent with awning

Best backpacking tent with awning

  • suitable for up to two people
  • awning can be help up with sticks or hung from trees
  • weighs 3.2lbs

The OneTigris Backwoods Bungalow is a great choice for backpackers, hunters or fishermen looking for a tent with awning.

While the tent itself is relatively small and compact, the awning provided is large enough to offer shelter from the rain and wind while cooking or sorting through your gear.

Its light weight comes from the fact that the tent doesn’t require poles (nor come supplied with any).

It can be pitched with your own poles, trekking poles, sticks or it can be guyed between two trees or anything else you can find in the wilderness.

The awning can also be held up with the same tactics with poles, sticks or hung from trees.

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Kodiak Canvas cabin tent

Kodiak Canvas cabin tent

Best canvas cabin tent with awning for families

  • suitable for up to six people
  • HydraShield coated 100% cotton duck canvas
  • supplied with awning poles

Kodiak offer some of the most premium canvas tent options on the market today, and the Kodiak cabin tent is no different.

While pictures don’t do ANY of Kodiak’s tents justice, this is especially true for the cabin tent. This thing is MASSIVE inside.

It’s basically like having your own mini studio apartment ANYWHERE in the world.

While the awning is quite small, you’ll definitely have enough space to do some cooking if the weather is bad, or be protected from the sun in the mid-day heat.

With a peak height of 7.5 feet, it’s more than tall enough for most people to comfortably stand up in. In fact, you’ll likely be able to lift your arms above your head and not touch the ceiling.

With vertical walls and massive floor space, you’ll be able to fit a couple queen mattresses inside comfortably, with space to spare to walk around and store gear.

As with most premium canvas tents, you can pitch the Kodiak cabin in any season and it will have no trouble. Wind, snow, rain, high heat, you’ll be safe, sound and comfortable.

If you’re looking for a tent with an awning that has the potential to last you a lifetime, look no further. Seriously.

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Danchel cotton canvas bell tent with front awning

Danchel cotton canvas bell tent with front awning

Perfect for families, camping holidays, winter camping or parties

  • available in various sizes
  • supplied with awning, rainfly and footprint
  • supplied with awning pole

The Danchel bell tent with awning is a super budget canvas tent when compared to most other cotton bell tents.

However, that’s not to say that the quality isn’t there. It’s a super high-quality tent, but being made in China, lacks a little of the customer care seen in bell tents twice the price.

The great thing about the Danchel tent is that it is built for long term use. If you are looking for a tent to put up and leave up for months on end (no matter the weather), this is the perfect choice.

Its super large awning and large doorway provide the perfect set up for lights, bunting and decorations if you are looking to use the tent for a party or gathering.

The great thing about the Danchel canvas bell tent, and all canvas tents in general, is their ability to perform exceptionally well in all weather.

In summer, the cotton offers natural breathability and keeps the interior cooler and more comfortable.

In winter, the heavy fabric offers extra protection from strong winds and reduces noise, while the natural waterproofness of the cotton ensures you wont wake up with puddles inside.

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NTK Omaha

NTK Omaha tent

Best budget tent for families and couples

  • available in 5 or 6-person capacity
  • large awning
  • supplied with awning poles
  • includes e-port access

Despite its cheap price, the NTK Omaha offers high-quality materials, a thoughtful design and excellent waterproofing.

The awning is of a similar size to the Kazoo tent and comes supplied with awning poles. While the main frame of the tent uses fibre-glass poles, the awning poles are made from powder-coated steel for extra strength in wind.

One of the Omaha’s strong points is its bathtub style flooring. While most tents come with this feature, the design of the floor in the Omaha is better than most other tents in this price range.

It’s made from a heavy-duty, anti-fungal polyethylene tarp and goes up the side of the tent about 4 inches. It also includes a silver-coated lining to add extra protection against leaks and water seeping through.

Similar to the Kazoo instant family tent, it features two large D-shaped doors. One at the front and one at the back, allowing for excellent ventilation and air flow on a hot day.

Both sizes of the tent can fit one queen air mattress inside with room to spare on all four sides for storage.

The 6-person size has a peak height of 5.92 feet, making it adequate to stand up in if you are under 6 feet tall.

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Recommended accessories

Luminoodle LED string/rope lights

Luminoodle camping tent lights

You can’t have an awning and not decorate it with lights, right?

The Luminoodle LED lights come in 5 or 10m lengths, 15 color settings, 10 brightness modes, run on USB and can be turned into a lantern by stuffing in the supplied bag.

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