Best teepee tent for camping: 4 tipi tents for 2023

Our roundup of the best teepee tents for backpacking and car camping


Teepee tents are a timeless and practical design. They provide the perfect balance between portability, space and weatherproofing.

Most teepee tents follow a very typical design of only one center pole, large interior floor space and harshly sloping walls.

These days, while the ergonomics remain the same, you can find plenty of variety in the aesthetics and size of a teepee.

From lightweight backpacking teepee’s to 4-season hot tent teepee’s, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s go…

In a hurry? Here’s our top 3 picks for the best teepee tent for camping.

Vidalido teepee tent

Best all-round teepee tent for camping

The Vidalido teepee tent is a super popular and versatile option. It’s the perfect choice for festivals, car camping or backpacking. It’s one of the only teepee tents that features a large, beautiful awning.

OmniCore Designs teepee tent

Best teepee tent for camping in groups and large families

The OmniCore Designs is a super huge teepee tent with enough space for large groups and families.

Wenzel Shenanigan teepee tent

Best budget teepee tent

The Wenzel Shenanigan is a head turner of a teepee. It’s large enough for small groups and couples to camp comfortably.

5 best teepee tents for camping

Vidalido teepee tent

best teepee tent for camping

A super fun, spacious teepee tent for festivals and camping holidays

  • suitable for 5-6 people
  • features a large front awning
  • full mesh interior

The Vidalido teepee is a super fun tent that is large enough for groups and families, but still small enough for couples who want more space.

The entrance door is super large and can be turned into a stunning awning to sit underneath and relax during glaring sun or rain.

The inner mesh door means you can keep the awning open without worrying about bugs getting in.

In fact, you can set up the inner mesh tent on its own on hot days for optimal ventilation and stargazing.

Vidalido teepee tent

Despite being lightweight, it can withstand heavy winds and rain without any problems.

The tent comes included with two sets of tent flags, guy lines, stakes and poles for the interior and exterior awning.

While there are no interior storage pockets, the tent is so vast that you can easily fit a small set of drawers to store belongings inside. There is a loop in the ceiling to hang a lantern or light.

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OneTigris Smokey Hut teepee tent

OneTigris Smokey Hut teepee tent

Best lightweight teepee tent with stove jack hole

  • suitable for up to 2 people
  • 4-season
  • weight: 2.6lbs

The OneTigris Smokey Hut is not only a teepee tent, but suitable for use as a hot tent too. It comes supplied with a stove jack hole so you can hook up a wood stove and chimney inside your tent.

While it is obviously targeted as a winter teepee tent, you can purchase it as a bundle with an inner mesh tent for summer use.

Even though the Smokey Hut is recommended as a 2-person tent or 1-person and wood stove tent, you can actually fit 2 people and a stove in if you really need to. Even though the tent is made from super thin, lightweight material it gets really hot inside when you are using a wood stove.

OneTigris teepee tent

The fly has a hydrostatic head rating of 3000mm, which basically means that it can withstand torrential rain and strong winds without leaking, while the strong aluminum pole ensures it wont collapse during crazy winds or under the pressure of snow collecting on top.

Another awesome weatherproofing feature of the Smokey Hut is its waterproof YKK zippers. Most tents fail with their waterproofing at the zippers. But the Smokey Hut zippers don’t leak, even in torrential rain.

The tent comes supplied with everything you need to get set up including 1 aluminum pole, guy-lines and tent pegs. The only thing you need to purchase is a stove pipe jack for around $20 if you want to use it as a hot tent. 

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OmniCore Designs teepee tent

OmniCore Designs teepee tent

Best large teepee tent for groups and families

  • suitable for up to 12 people
  • adjustable vented roof
  • tall enough to stand up in

The OmniCore Designs tent is one of the largest family camping teepee tents on the market.

Similar to the BaiYouDa, it comes supplied with a covering for the peak of the tent to ensure water cannot leak in via the top.

The nice feature about the covering on this tent however, is that it comes with draw strings to open and close the covering, allowing you to let fresh air circulate through the mesh ceiling on warmer days, and quickly close if it rains.

Omnicore Designs teepee tent interior

With an 8ft diameter and a peak height of 9ft, there’s tonnes of space for chilling out, sleeping, and walking around.

As with all teepee tents however, the walls dramatically slope, so there’s only enough space to comfortably stand when you’re in the middle of the tent.

While it’s suitable for up to twelve people, it would be much comfier for 5-8 people if you’d like room to relax and walk around easily.

Despite its large size it’s extremely easy to set up and take down and is light enough for one or two people to comfortably handle.

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Wenzel Shenanigan teepee tent

Wenzel Shenanigan teepee tent

Best teepee tent for camping on a budget

  • suitable for up to 5 people
  • integrated ceiling fan and LED light system
  • uses universal OneSource rechargeable battery

The Wenzel Shenanigan teepee tent offers a funky style that will turn heads for a super budget price.

While it can fit up to 5 people inside it’s definitely more suited to two or three people for maximum comfort.

You can easily fit one double mattress inside next to the center pole. You could technically fit two inside but there would be no room left over for storing your gear or getting changed etc.

Wenzel Shenanigan teepee tent tipi tent

The three large windows can be zipped and unzipped to allow for excellent air flow. In fact, this is one of the best teepee tents we’ve experienced for ventilation and cooling down on a hot night.

The tent is ridiculously easy to set up and can be up in 5 minutes with 1-person.

Despite featuring only 1 center pole and 5 stakes, it stands up extremely well to wind and rain.

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Recommended accessories

Odoland battery powered LED light and fan

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Luminoodle rope lights

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Jetboil MiniMo camping stove

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OneTigris Smokey Hut stove jack

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