5 best shower tents for camping in 2023

Our round up of the best shower tents for staying clean while sleeping in the dirt

best shower tents for camping

Planning on camping in the sticks?…or just don’t fancy using the verruca laden showers provided at campgrounds? 

You need a shower tent. 

And you’re in the right place to find the best. 

From cheap and cheerful to luxury and everything in between, you can stay clean while sleeping in the dirt.

In a hurry? Here’s our top 3 picks for the best shower tents for camping.

Texsport deluxe shower tent

Most spacious shower tent

The Texsport is super durable, extremely spacious (suitable for wheelchair users) and comes supplied with a 5-gallon shower bag.

Wolfwise pop up shower tent

Best budget shower tent

The Wolfwise is a cheap, no-frills privacy shelter that can be used as a shower tent by feeding a shower hose through the window.

Ozark Trail 2-room shower/utility tent

Best 2-room shower tent

The Ozark Trail 2-room offers a super private space to not only get clean, but get dressed/ready too. The changing room has a zippered door to prevent water from the shower room from getting your clothes/towel wet.

5 best shower tents

Texsport shower tent

Texsport shower tent

A large, spacious shower tent to wash in comfort. Suitable for wheelchair users

  • supplied with 5-gallon solar powered shower bag
  • interior shower rack and exterior towel rail
  • completely private

The Texsport camp shower and shelter is one the most spacious and sturdy shower tents for camping. Besides being super sturdy and spacious, it also has loads of features that make showering in the great outdoors just that bit more comfortable. 

The Texsport shower tent focuses on being a proper shower area for camping. Many cheaper “shower tents” are actually just pop up privacy tents that can be used for a shower. This means there is actually no area to hang a shower bag from, and even if there was, is not stable enough to hold 5 gallons of water without caving in on you. 

Not only is the Texsport strong enough to hold shower bags, but it actually comes supplied with a detachable 5 gallon solar powered shower bag that hangs from the ceiling. While it’s not the best shower you’re ever going to have in your life, it’s no worse than other comparable solar bags. 

Its rust-resistant chain-corded steel poles are the main reason this tent can withstand such a heavy load so easily. Most privacy shower tents use fibreglass poles that just can’t handle loads of weight. The steel poles also ensure it can withstand days of heavy winds and torrential rain during a storm.

Texsport shower tent interior

Other neat features to make your camp shower experience easier include an interior mesh shower rack to store sanitary items such as body wash, flannels etc and a removable towel rail on the outside of the tent. The exterior towel rail can easily be reached through one of the windows. 

The Texsport camp shower is completely private and cannot be seen through in the day, even during bright sunlight, or at night with a bright light on inside. 

With two windows you can also use your own shower if you would prefer something more substantial. The windows are positioned perfectly to allow a shower hose to come through and be used conveniently to wash. 

At 87”H x 54”W x 54”L, it’s super spacious and can easily hold two people comfortably. The entryway is wide enough to fit a standard sized wheelchair through, making it a great option for wheelchair users.

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Ozark Trail instant 2-room shower tent

Ozark Trail instant 2-room shower tent

A 2-room tent to shower and change in comfortably.

  • supplied with a 5-gallon solar powered shower bag
  • silver aluminum coating for complete privacy
  • plenty of mesh storage pockets in shower and changing room

The Ozark Trail 2 room shower tent is the perfect choice if you’re looking for maximum comfort and convenience while showering and changing. With 2 rooms separated by a fully zippered door, you can wash in one room and get dry/changed in the other without getting water everywhere and wet towels or clothes.

There is one main door that leads directly into the “dry room” and features plenty of mesh storage pockets and loops to hang things you want to keep dry, as well as a towel rail to hang your towel and clothes. From the dry room you can enter the shower room, which again, features plenty of mesh pockets for storing shampoo and soap etc.

The shower tent comes supplied with a 5-gallon solar powered shower bag that can be hung from a loop on the ceiling in the shower room. The shower room has a sealed tarp floor with mesh sides to allow the water to drain out and the changing room has a solid tarp floor.

ozark trail 2-room shower tent interior

If you’d rather use your own shower, there are two large zippered windows on either side of the shower room that are super convenient to feed a shower hose through.

With steel poles, stakes and guylines the tent is super stable and can withstand heavy rain and strong winds. The outer fabric is coated in silver aluminum for complete privacy even in bright sunlight or when using a light inside the tent at night.

The tent measures 84”H x 42”W x 84”L and has an even split between the utility room and shower room in terms of length. So each room offers 84” x 42” x 42” of floor space. So while it’s not the largest shower space on this list, it’s definitely ample for one person to shower comfortably.

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WolfWise Pop Up Portable Shower Tent

WolfWise Pop Up Portable Shower Tent

A budget shower tent for a bit of privacy and shelter

  • storage pocket and hanging rope inside
  • removable floor
  • quick set up

The WolfWise pop up shower tent is a great budget option if you just want a no-frills space to freshen up while on a camping trip.

The tent doesn’t come with a shower bag, nor is it capable of holding one. However, you can feed a shower hose through one of the windows and hang the shower from something such as a tree if you are using a gravity fed shower bag.

There is a storage pocket and hanging rope inside the tent, but no proper rail or rack to hang a towel on either the inside or outside.

A removable floor comes supplied with the tent and is perfect for keeping your feet clean while you shower. It’s easy to remove, ensuring you can clean it and allow it to hang dry, rather than leaving it sitting in ground water.

WolfWise Pop Up Portable Shower Tent

Despite its no-frills design, one of the best aspects, besides its privacy, is its ability to block the cold and wind while you shower.

With no poles, the WolfWise is a genuine pop up tent, and literally takes seconds to put up. While this makes it super quick and easy to set up, it also means it won’t be as sturdy in high winds or other bad weather. It does come with four tent stakes though, so they provide some stability in normal wind conditions.

Measuring 74.8”H x 47.2”W x 47.2”L, it’s super spacious inside and beats some much more expensive options in this aspect. So if space and cost are your main concern, it’s actually a pretty decent pick for a camp shower.

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Nemo Heliopolis

Nemo Heliopolis

A premium shower tent for serious campers

  • made to pair with the Nemo Helio pressure shower (though not necessary)
  • hook in the ceiling to a hang a light or shower bag
  • privacy door that can be locked from inside

The Nemo Heliopolis shower tent is more glamping and less camping. Nemo are one of the most respected brands in the camping industry, and if you’re looking for a shower tent to last you a lifetime instead of a couple of years, this is easily your best choice.

Not only is it made with high-quality, heavy-duty materials, but everything about it is so well thought out and functional that it makes showering pleasurable and not just a necessity.

The towel and toiletry pockets are located overhead to prevent your stuff getting wet while you shower and there is even a built-in waterproof toilet paper dispenser if you decide to use the tent with a porta potty.

Where the Heliopolis really shines though, is when it’s paired with Nemo’s Helio pressure showers. There are hooks for hanging the shower hose and a nozzle attachment to hold the head in place while you shower.

There is also a hook in the ceiling to hang a light or shower bag from if you don’t have or don’t want to purchase the Nemo Helio shower.

Nemo Heliopolis interior

Its high-strength but lightweight aluminum poles create a super sturdy and weather resistant frame. It has absolutely no trouble withstanding strong winds and storms. The use of aluminum also prevents rust forming on the poles from being constantly exposed to water and humid environments.

Some other neat features not included in any other shower tents include a privacy door that can be locked from inside the tent, and glow in the dark logos on the exterior of the tent for easy wayfinding if you use it as a camp toilet during the night.

Measuring 84”H x 48”W x 48”L, it provides plenty of space to comfortably shower and move around without feeling cramped or having a tent wall stuck in your face the entire time. If you’re looking for something with durability, stability and comfort, literally nothing comes close to the Nemo Heliopolis, especially when paired with the Nemo Helio pressure shower.

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Ozark Trail Hazel Creek Lighted Shower Tent

Ozark Trail Hazel Creek Lighted Shower Tent

The only lighted shower tent currently on the market

  • comes supplied with battery operated LED light and remote control
  • includes a mud mat on the outside of the tent to store clothes and keep your feet clean
  • steel pole construction for maximum stability

The Ozark Trail Hazel Creek lighted shower tent is the only shower tent to come supplied with a battery operated led light that can be hung from the ceiling. The light can also be controlled by a battery operated remote, allowing you to turn on the light before entering the shower tent. The light is super bright and perfect if you’re showering at dusk, or use the tent as a toilet during the night. 

There are plenty of storage pockets located in the higher sections of the tent to store toiletries without them getting too wet whilst the shower runs. There are also a couple different styles of removable “shelves” that can be hung from the hook in the ceiling if you want more storage. The hook can also be used to hang the light or a 5-gallon shower bag

It’s well ventilated at the top and bottom to allow air to blow through and comes with an integrated floor with mesh drains along all four edges to allow water to drain out easily. A mud mat is attached to the outside of the tent to store clothes or your towel to keep them dry and easily accessible after showering.

Ozark Trail Hazel Creek Lighted Shower Tent

There is one rear zippered window to allow for more airflow or to feed a shower hose through if you don’t use a shower bag. 

The tent features a steel pole frame to ensure maximum stability in harsh weather. While the fabric does obviously blow and flap around in the wind, the tent is super sturdy in strong winds. It doesn’t come supplied with guy lines or stakes, but does have attachments to attach your own guy lines and stake out the tent. 

Measuring 84”H x 48”W x 48”W, the Ozark Trail lighted shower tent matches the space of the Nemo Heliopolis and is only beaten in size by the Texsport deluxe camp shower/shelter combo.

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