Best propane fire pit for camping in 2023: enjoy a campfire at the click of a switch

Our round up of the best portable propane fire pits for camping

best propane fire pit for camping

No camping trip is complete without an evening around a campfire.

But what do you do when there’s a fire ban?

Or you just HATE smelling of smoke afterwards?

Or you can’t be bothered to start a fire but it’s just too chilly outside?

You light your propane fire pit ofcourse.

A propane fire pit cannot be beaten for convenience, imagine waking up on a chilly morning and with the twist of a knob you have a toasty fire to go along side your morning coffee.

Convinced yet?

In a hurry? Here’s our top 3 picks for the best propane fire pit for camping.

Little Red Campfire

Most lightweight propane fire pit

A super lightweight but powerful propane fire pit. Great for saving space and easy setup and pack up.

UKIAH Tailgater II

Most high-tech propane fire pit

Want some music with your campfire? No problem. The UKIAH includes amazing quality bluetooth speakers, and an option to have the flames move to the beat of your music.

Outland Firebowl Premium

Best value propane fire pit

Ridiculous value for money, the Firebowl Premium includes auto-ignition, a carry case and cover and plenty of HEAT.

Best propane fire pit for camping

Outland Firebowl Premium

Outland Firebowl Premium propane fire pit for camping

Best value for money

  • 58,000 BTU
  • auto-ignite
  • weight: 25 lbs

The Outland Firebowl Premium offers amazing value for money.

At 19″ in diameter and 11″ high, it’s super portable and easy to carry to your campground. The supplied cover and carry kit makes it even easier to transport and store safely.

As with all Outland Firebowls, it feels extremely well constructed and that’s because it is. It’s made from high-quality steel which is super durable, with a powder coated enamel finish for rust protection.

While most propane fire pits are suitable for use during fire bans, the Outland Firebowl is CSA approved for use during fire bans and comes supplied with a certificate.

Outland Firebowl Premium propane fire pit for camping

In terms of set up, it couldn’t really be any easier. The main unit comes pre-assembled so you just have to insert the supplied lava rocks (4.4lbs worth) and attach your propane tank. They recommend a 20lb propane tank.

If you do use a 20lb propane tank, this will easily last you 3/4 days of use if you burn it for a couple of hours a night on medium.

If you want to cook food you can use a grate and griddle to cook breakfast or dinner on. Just try to make sure no grease or bits of food fall onto the lava rocks.

Features superior stainless-steel burner and fasteners, with an output of 58,000 BTU/HR (for use with a standard 20 lb / 5 gallon propane tank). This Firebowl is safe to use during most campfire bans.

Other features include auto-ignition (no need for a lighter etc), a lid to protect the fire pit when not in use as well as to turn the fire off, a propane tank stabilizer ring and a pre-attached 10′ hose with regulator.

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UKIAH Tailgater II

UKIAH Tailgater II propane fire pit for camping

Best high-tech propane fire pit with bluetooth sound system

  • 45,000 BTU
  • auto-ignite
  • includes wireless bluetooth sound system
  • weight: 34lbs

The UKIAH Tailgater II is an upgrade to the Tailgater I, and it features some really cool new features and upgrades.

The Tailgater II offers the same 3-modes as the Tailgater I – music only, fire only, music and fire, plus a new fourth mode of “beat fire to music”, which basically makes the flames dance to the beat of the music.

And it’s not tacky like this kind of technology can be. It actually adds a really immersive experience.

It also has an upgraded 2.1 audio system with two 3.5-inch speakers and one subwoofer. And it sounds incredible and clear. It doesn’t sound like some cheap portable bluetooth speaker, it’s not tinny and it sounds good LOUD.

UKIAH Tailgater II propane fire pit for camping

In terms of the fire itself, it comes supplied with 4lbs of black lava rocks, and while it’s small at 14″L x 14″W x17″H, it packs out some good heat when you’re sitting around it. As with most portable propane fire pits, it’s recommended you use a 20lb tank.

A 20lb tank will easily last you 5 days with a couple hours of use each night, while the battery for the speakers can last up to 20 hours before needing to be recharged.

Considering all of the technology inside this little beast, it’s actually super lightweight. It’s obviously not something you want to take backpacking, but it’s definitely easy enough to carry to a campsite without any issues.

This is the exact type of item you should buy if you really want to experience something special (and be the envy of everyone around you). It adds an atmosphere to a camp fire that actually can’t be beaten, not even with a really wood fire.

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Little Red Campfire

Little Red Campfire propane fire pit for camping

Most lightweight and compact

  • 65,000 BTU
  • small and compact
  • weight: 15.04lbs

If you’re looking for a small, compact and convenient fire pit then the Little Red Campfire is your man.

At 13″ in diameter and just under 10″ high, it’s the perfect option if you don’t have much space for something bigger, or you just want something super simple.

While it doesn’t quite create an awe inspiring scene like the others on this list due to its tiny size, it does produce some good heat when your sitting near to it, and is perfect for making a quick morning coffee, while being toasty and warm at the same time.

Little Red Campfire propane fire pit for camping

The only down side to this little guy is that on higher heat settings it can tend to have a loud hiss. While it’s not a massive problem, it can kill the ambience if you’re looking to relax beside it.

But for a small fire pit, it can’t be beaten in terms of the heat it provides and its easy set up and pack up.

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Outland Firebowl Mega

Outland Firebowl Mega propane fire pit for camping

Largest portable propane fire pit

  • 58,000 BTU
  • provides tonnes of heat
  • weight: 34lbs

The Outland Firebowl Mega is the perfect center piece for any camping trip. It’s the largest portable propane fire pit currently on the market.

In terms of weight it is extremely portable, but at 24″ in diameter and 13″ high, its size does mean it takes up a lot of space, particularly if you’re transporting it in a car and not a truck.

However, if you do have the space it’s one of the most beautiful propane fire pits with large flames and tonnes of heat.

Outland Firebowl Mega propane fire pit for camping

Similar to the Outland Firebowl Premium, it’s built with quality materials. The main body is made of steel which is super durable, with a powder coated enamel finish for rust protection.

Despite its large size it couldn’t be any easier to set up. In fact it’s just as easy as a small propane fire pit. It comes pre-assembled and simply requires you to lay the supplied lava rocks and connect your propane tank.

With a 20lb propane tank you’ll easy get 3/4 days of use out of this if you burn it for a couple of hours a night on medium.

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Recommended accessories

Worthington 20lb propane tank

The Worthington 20lb propane tank is the perfect accessory for any/all of the fire pits listed above. It comes empty, so requires filling before your trip.

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Outland Firebowl 20lb tank cover with stable tabletop

This is a super neat idea for your propane tank (suitable for any generic 20lb tank). Not only does it hide and protect your tank, but serves as a sidetable too. The top of the cover is hard and stable, allowing you to put your drinks or food on there.

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Weber 20lb tank cover

Don’t fancy the sidetable option? This basic cover is a super cheap option to protect your propane tank from the elements.

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