Best camping hammock with mosquito net in 2023

Our round-up of the best camping hammocks with mosquito net

There are literally hundreds of camping hammocks with a mosquito net dotted around the internet. Some cost as little as twenty bucks while some go into the hundreds and beyond.

But which are good? Can you get a decent hammock with a mosquito net for a budget price?

While the answer is yes, they are few and far between.

We’ve slept in tonnes of hammocks over the years, but there’s only a few we would ever sleep in again.

So if you wanna save your pocket and your back, read on…

In a hurry? Here’s our top 3 picks for best camping hammock with mosquito net.

Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock Tent

Most comfortable for all sleeping positions

  • lay-flat design
  • can be used as a hammock or tent
  • length: 7.5ft
  • weight: 4lbs 15oz
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Kammok Mantis

Best for backpacking

  • lay-flat design
  • length: 10ft
  • weight: 2lbs 14oz

Ridge Outdoor Pinnacle 180

Best budget hammock with mosquito net

  • ripstop technology
  • ultra-lightweight
  • length: 11ft
  • weight: 28oz

Best camping hammock with mosquito net

Kammok Mantis

best camping hammock with mosquito net

A super durable hammock that will withstand ANY weather you encounter

  • suitable for 4-season use
  • lightweight
  • weight: 2lb 14.5oz
  • length: 10ft

The Kammok Mantis™ is a lightweight, high-quality hammock tent. Its lay-flat design ensures a super comfortable night’s sleep for any sleeping position.

The Kammok Mantis features their trademarked Dragonet™ no-see-um mosquito net. It features thousands of holes per square inch so even micro bugs won’t be joining you while you sleep.

Despite its amazing ability at keeping bugs out, it is equally as successful at letting air in, keeping you more comfortable on a hot summer’s night.

Perfect for backpacking, the Mantis™ packs down smaller than a sleeping bag and weighs less than a typical 1-person tent. While its full weight is still a comfortable 2lb 14.5oz it can be reduced down to a trail weight of just 1lb 14.7oz.

So if you’re planning on hitting the trails and want something lightweight AND durable, the Mantis is the only way forward. Or if you want to go ultra lightweight, there is the Mantis UL that weighs in at just 2 lbs 4oz (trail weight of 1lb 3.2oz).

kammok dragonet mosquito net

One of the Mantis’ stand-out features is its 4-season capability. It’s one of the only hammocks that can genuinely see you through rain, wind, snow, and sun comfortably. The customizable features allow you to have complete protection from bad weather when needed and shed weight during warmer weather.

On starry nights you also have the ability to roll the rainfly back and have stunning views of the night sky through the Stargazer™ panel.

And if you need any more convincing, the Mantis™ takes a literal 60 seconds to set up due to its knotless suspension system.

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Ridge Outdoor Pinnacle 180 Hammock

A great budget pick for newcomers to hammock camping

  • ultra-lightweight
  • length: 11ft
  • weight: 28oz

The Ridge Outdoor Pinnacle 180 camping hammock offers excellent value for money. Despite its budget price tag, the Pinnacle 180 features everything you need to get started hammock camping.

It features a built-in no-see-um mesh bug net that can be zipped wide open when you want the full hammock experience.

While the material is on the thinner side, the length of the hammock ensures there is an excellent diagonal flat-lay. This ensures you’ll get a good night’s sleep whether you’re a side sleeper or back sleeper.

Along with its long length and semi flat-lay design, the Pinnacle also features a structural ridgeline for consistent hanging and added storage space.

The hammock also includes suspension straps, tie-outs on either side, 4 hookups on both ends for under quilt use, a zippered entry on both sides, and a few interior storage pockets for storing small items.

It doesn’t come with a rainfly, but a Ridge Outdoor fly can be purchased on Amazon here.

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Lawson Blue Ridge

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

A high-quality, lay-flat hammock that provides a truly blissful nights sleep

  • can be used as a hammock or tent
  • length: 7.5ft
  • weight: 4lbs 15oz (with straps)

Despite being the shortest hammock on the list, the Lawson Blue Ridge is, by far, the comfiest choice for a good night’s sleep.

You only have to have a quick glance through the 100+ 5 star reviews to see that it is highly rated by side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers.

It’s one of the truest “lay-flat” hammocks we’ve had the pleasure to experience. The spreader bars are what ensure the hammock stays nice and flat, particularly if you lay at an angle. This allows you to get into your favorite sleeping position without tossing and turning, constantly altering the hang of your hammock, or waking up shaped like a banana.

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

While the Blue Ridge truly shines as a hammock, its bivy-style ground option is also super handy if you’re ever caught without access to trees, or just fancy a night on the ground.

The hammock comes supplied with a built-in no-see-um bug net and attachable rain fly. The included “arch poles” create a solid interior structure that, even with the rainfly on, feels open and spacious inside.

Other notable features include a couple of interior pockets to store small items such as your phone, a loop to hang a small camping lantern or light, and a heavy-duty stuff sack that allows for easy pack up.

One of the only “negatives” of the Blue Ridge is its weight. At 4lbs 15oz, it’s a lot heavier than your usual hammock, so if you plan on going backpacking, the Blue Ridge wont be your best friend. However, for biking, kayaking or car camping trips, you really shouldn’t look anywhere else.

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Tentsile Flite Plus

A unique and eye-catching option for 2-people or 1-person looking for more space

  • suitable for up to two people
  • length: 10ft 6′
  • weight: 8.4lbs

The Tentsile Flite is a super popular option for one person looking for more room than or two people looking for a lightweight option.

While it’s probably too heavy for solo backpacking (though would be acceptable if split between two), it provides an experience that no hammock or tent has yet come close to achieving for car, bike, or kayak camping.

It features a built-in no-see-um insect mesh to protect from even the smallest insects and creepy crawlies. However, it also has two large doors that can be rolled back to give an almost fully out in the open experience.

The sleeping section consists of a double-tensioned hammock with a dividing strap down the middle. This can be adjusted to create one or two hammock berths.

So if you do use the Flite for solo camping, you won’t be stuck to using only one side for sleeping, and can, instead, comfortably starfish under the stars.

The Flite’s rain fly has a hydrostatic head of 5000mm, which basically equates to being able to handle the worst weather.

The tent features two doors for easy entry and exit for two people, a hatch in the floor to access the tent from below, plus three inner and three underfloor storage compartments.

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